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Misdemeanors are criminal offenses punishable by up to 364 days of custody in county jail.

Common misdemeanors include: Petty theft (PC484), vandalism (PC594), providing false information to a police officer (PC148.9), driving under the influence of alcohol (VC23152(a)/VC23152(b)), possession of drug paraphernalia (HS11550), battery (PC242), domestic violence (PC243(e)/PC273.5), resisting arrest (PC148(a), hit and run driving (w/out injury)(VC20001), and driving on a suspended license (VC14601).

Although not as serious as felony offenses, a misdemeanor conviction can have significant and lasting consequences including having a criminal record or “rap sheet” which can make it hard to find employment and/or pass background checks. A misdemeanor conviction can also prevent you from joining the military. If you are already serving in the military, a misdemeanor conviction may result in discipline up to and including loss of rank or demotion, reduction in pay, restriction to base, and discharge from the military.

If you are arrested or charged with any criminal offense, please contact Orange County Criminal Attorney for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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