If you have been involved in an accident and you left the scene, contact ORANGE COUNTY CRIMINAL ATTORNEY immediately. The police may impound your car and tell you that you must give a statement before your car is released. THIS IS A TRAP. ORANGE COUNTY CRIMINAL ATTORNEY has successfully represented clients suspected of Hit and Run Driving and has helped to have their vehicles released and to avoid criminal charges being filed.



Client Jason W., was out with his friends celebrating his promotion. They shared several pitchers of beer and a shot or two of tequila. Driving home, Jason crashed into a parked car near his apartment. Worried about losing his promotion, or worse his job, because of a DUI arrest, Jason drove home and went to bed. He did not report the accident or leave his information at the scene. In the morning Jason discovered his car had been towed and he found a business card from a police officer requesting a call. Jason called the traffic officer who told him that he would need to give a statement in order to have his car released from impound.

Should Jason call the police and give a statement?

Can the police impound his car until he provides a statement?

Will Jason be charged with DUI, driving under the influence, or hit and run driving?

What if somebody was injured?

If you find yourself in Jasons situation, call the us for help immediately! Orange County Criminal Attorney has a wealth of experience with these situations and can help you get your car back and possibly avoid criminal charges. Call us BEFORE you do anything else! DO NOT talk to the police, CHP, or sheriffs without representation. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. Protect yourself, protect your record, get your car released, avoid criminal charges and jail.