Felony Offenses are criminal offenses punishable with death, imprisonment in the state prison, or by imprisonment in a county jail under the provisions of Penal Code section 1170(h).

Common felonies include: assault with a deadly weapon or firearm PC245(a)(1), assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury (PC245(a)(4), domestic violence (pc273.5), possession of narcotics, sale of narcotics, cultivation of marijuana, auto theft (vc10851), grand theft (pc487), receiving stolen property (pc496), robbery (PC211), burglary (PC459), hit and run driving (w/injury) (VC20002), and evading arrest (VC2800.2).

Felony offenses are serious and carry long-lasting consequences including significant time in custody, loss of right to possess firearms, loss of right to vote, loss of public assistance, registration as sex offender, increased punishment for future offenses, and a criminal record.

If you are charged with a felony offense–or under investigation–please contact Orange County Criminal Attorney immediately for a free confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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